New India Church of God (NICOG) was established and registered in 1976 in Kerala under the leadership of two faithful, anointed men of God, Pastor R Abraham and Pastor VA Thampy. IMG_4717-2In 1980, aimed with a vision, Pastor Abraham relocated to North India, to spread the Gospel and extend the ministry of NICOG that had flourished in Southern India. Waiting on God for direction and clarity, Pastor Abraham travelled throughout out the northern region only to settle in New Delhi as directed by God and thus, the journey of Capital Christian Center begun.

God’s provision was eye opening as Pastor Abraham moved into a rented house and settled down knowing that this would be his home for years to come, till the Lord would direct him to move to another place if need be. He returned to Kerala in the month of December 1980 and married Joyce in that same month. IMG_4715-210 days within the marriage, Pastor Abraham along with his newly wedded wife headed back to New Delhi, to kick start the ministry of NICOG in North India. New to the culture, unaware of the language and unsure of how to start their ministry, Pastor Abraham and Joyce started a prayer meeting in their own house which led to two families and two young people from Australia joining them in this spiritual venture. After a couple of months, the prayer meeting transitioned into a worship service and Capital Christian Centre was born. The church that was born in the center of their home grew and had to be moved to an auditorium. Pastor Abraham fondly recalls how he would wake up every Sunday and put the banner of the church right on top of the building. While the church was growing, so was Pastor Abraham and Joyce’s family life as they were blessed with a baby girl who is as strong as her parents and a leader in her own right. The proud parents were again blessed with a baby girl who excels in administrator and leadership skills and last but not the least, followed a handsome son who has a heart like his father and a compassionate mind like his mother.
IMG_4716-2In 1987, Pastor T.T. Abraham and his family were sent to Mumbai to multiply the NICOG ministries and in 1989, the first Bethesda Bible Institute was set up in Bahadurgarh, Haryana. Pastor Abraham was also selected as a member of the first executive committee of Pentecostal Fellowship of India, a national confederation of Pentecostal Churches. In 1993, Pastor Abraham moved into a permanent home along with his wife who has a heart for the women’s ministry and thus started the Thursday ladies prayer meeting at their home.

During the last 31 years of trying and testing, God has always remained faithful. God has provided many men and women to be a blessing to this church and the ministry. Today armed with fearless Pastors, men and women, Capital Christian Center is transforming lives of the young and old alike.