The journey of Capital Christian Centre.

NICOG was established and registered in 1976 in Kerala under the leadership of two dedicated, anointed men of God, Pastor R Abraham and Pastor VA Thampy.

In 1980, the Lord spoke to Pastor Abraham to go to North India, to spread the Gospel and extend the ministry of NICOG out of Southern India. Not knowing exactly which part of the country God wanted him to be, Pastor Abraham traveled across different states of Northern India, waiting on the Lord for His direction and confirmation. During his trip, he visited the city of New Delhi. He had initially planned to return to Kerala from New Delhi but it was here that the Lord spoke to him to be establish the base of the organization for North India in this capital city of the country.

IMG_4717-2According to the call of God, Pastor Abraham moved to New Delhi and started staying in a rented house in SukhdevVihar near Okhla, Delhi, in November 1980. He then went back to Kerala, and married Joyce in December. Within 10 days of his wedding, along with his young wife, who had never even been out of the state of Kerala, Pastor Abraham returned to New Delhi to finally kick start the ministry of NICOG in North India. Even their first journey by train during the winter was a challenging experience for the young couple, as they were not even prepared with any warm clothes to face the first severe winter of their life, in contrast to the tropical climate that they were accustomed to. New to the culture, ignorant of the language and unsure of how to actually start their ministry, Pastor Abraham and Joyce started a prayer in their own home. Just two families and two young people from Australia joined them in this spiritual venture. After a couple of months, a worship service was started in Pastor Abraham’s home which was the birth of Capital Christian Centre. Brother Balwant Singh, Sister Ramani and Sister Kunju were the first believers to join this new church in their home. After a few months, the Lord spoke to Pastor Abrahamto find a place to move the church out of their home. In July 1981, God miraculously provided an auditorium in a guest house called ‘Kumar Holiday Inn’ in the centrally located Lajpat Nagar area of New Delhi. Pastor Abraham still fondly recalls how he would get up every morning and come and put up a banner of the church right on the top of the building. It was during the time in that guest house that this Church really started to grow.

IMG_4715-2In September 1981, Pastor R Abraham’s & Sis Joyce’s eldest daughter, Sheril was born. Pastor T T Abraham from New India Church of God, joined the Ministry at Delhi as an Associate Pastor. Different home meetings were started in Kalkaji ,Vayusenabad and other places. The initial members who are still with us today are:  Sis. Ramani, Mariammakutty with her children Babu and Prashant, Annamma and Georgekutty. In 1983, as the church continued to grow in faith & prayer, a brother called Pradeep Willhelm and his mother joined us. Pradeep joined the Ministry and after marriage to Sunita, he joined the pastoral team. During the same year, Ps Abraham & family moved from Sukhdev Vihar to another rented house in Saket which was their home till 1993.

1984 was very eventful. Pastor R Abraham took over as National Coordinator of World Map Seminars for Church leaders, which wasa global Christian Conference. This role gave him great exposure and established him as a dynamic young Christian leaders in the country. On September 1984, Ps Abraham& Sis Joyce were blessed with a second daughter, Roshin. It was in this year that Pastor Daniel George and his wife Usha from Kerala, joined the pastoral team. Also, a young Leslie Mathew came to Delhi for a job and joined a company as an Electronics Engineer and also became an active part of the church. The church continued to grow and many people were baptized. The guest house auditorium had become too small for CCC and they started looking for a bigger place to move in.

In 1986, Capital Christian Centre moved from Kumar Holiday Inn to the Heinz Auditorium in the centrally located YMCA tourist Hostel in Connaught Place. In the same year, Pastor Abraham’s son, Ranjit was born. In the meanwhile, the ministry of the parent organization, New India Church of God had expanded to Haryana, Punjab and Orissa. Capital Christian Centre which was the first church in North India became the mother Church of NICOG movement in North India.

In 1987, Pastor T.T. Abraham and his family were sent to Mumbai for starting the NICOG ministry there. In 1989, Pastor Leslie Mathew got married to Sister Jolly. During this year, the first Bethesda Bible Institute was started in Bahadurgarh, Haryana. Also, Pastor Abraham was selected as the member of the first executive committee of Pentecostal Fellowship of India, a national confederation of Pentecostal Churches in India.

IMG_4716-2In 1991, Leslie Mathew resigned his job, in obedience to the call of God and came into the ministry team. In 1992, Pradeep and Sunita went to work with New Life Fellowship. In 1992, Pastor Daniel George and his family left to start his own ministry. Within a week, Sam Mathew came and joined CCC at Delhi from Bhopal, to replace Daniel George for leading worship in the church. Sam Mathew married Willys and they continued the ministry in Delhi. In 1993, Pastor Abraham shifted from the rented house in Saket to the house provided by the church at 181/B, CariappaMarg, Sainik Farms. In the same year, the Thursday ladies prayer was started by Sis. Joyce and Christine from England. This Ladies Prayer meeting, with 2 ladies, started in 1993, has grown and continued in steadfast prayer, till today and has become the backbone of CCC church. In the year 1996, Pastor Sam Mathew (Bhopal)and his family moved back to Bhopal to start their Ministry there. In November 1996, Pastor Sam K Mathew and his family joined CCC at Delhi.

In the year 2005, Ps Marlo Philip married Sheril and they joined the pastoral team here in the city.

In 2010, Pastor Sam K Mathew resigned from the church. Through the many phases that the church has undergone in the last 31 years, God has always remained faithful and used many men and women of God to be a blessing to this church and be blessed in return.

During the last 31 years, CCC has gone through a long journey and eventful walk with the Lord. During these years, hundreds of men and women were saved and baptized through this mother church. Many of them moved on to different parts of the country and even to other countries for jobs, family needs as well as to start new ministries within NICOG or their own independent ministries. More than 1500 people have been baptized in this church over the last three decades.We now believe for a new Church building and we are grateful to our God for the beautiful land He has provided us in Ghitorni in South Delhi. We believe our church has a great purpose and we will continue to make a big difference in the city of Delhi & beyond.

Today, the church continues to worship at YMCA with two services, in English and in Hindi, under the leadership of three anointed men of God; Pastor R Abraham, Pastor Leslie Mathew & Pastor Marlo Philip.

Our Vision ~ “To glorify God through a strong, vibrant worshiping church & experience the power of prayer.