This ministry is the life line of our church. It is headed by sister Joyce who has been passionate about serving the women of our church, equipping and encouraging them to do more for the body of Christ. She also heads the prayer ministry in the church as well. The different facets of the women’ ministry in the church are:


  • The womens prayer Group – This prayer group is held at the Residence of Sister Joyce Abraham every Thursday to pray and intercede for the Lost in the city and for the various needs in the life of the church. This prayer has been the back bone of our church and has existed for almost two decades. We are proud to say that our church believes and propagates the power of prayer.
  • The Naomi Fund – This again is an initiative that was birthed in CCC when sister Joyce felt the need to take care of the widows of pastors and believers in various parts of this nation who have lost their husbands due to death, illness and other circumstances. This fund sends them money on a monthly basis taking care of their day to day needs. —-> Give to Noami Fund